"It’s not the darkness of a black hole that we find compelling. It’s the unfathomable potential of what could be on the other side."- Ian Rumsby.

Unlike what is conventionally believed, Black holes are not holes of gaping emptiness, but rather an incredibly dense cluster of huge amounts of atoms which previously defined stars and solar systems. All these atoms are so densely packed that the necessary space in between the atoms is null, and no light can enter. This creates a big cluster of blackness, a black hole.   
Imagine a black hole as a movement, a state of being from which a cluster of information goes from normal state, spiraling inwards to a devoid of light condensed state, to then again spiral outwards to become something else.
What exactly would be spiraling outwards? What would be this new state of being? Something with unfathomable potential? The same as the first state of being?
A different cluster of information with the same ingredients as what was spiraling inwards?

Event Horizon was a site specific performance on the opening of BAH (Belgian Art House) November 10th 2011.
Concept and choreography:
Gilles Polet
Jos Baker and Gilles Polet