A#2-FLUX holographic dance installation/ installation danse holographique from gwendaline bachini on Vimeo.


ANIMO#2 _ FLUX (2014 – 2015) is the second interactive INSTALLATION of the ANIMO cycle of creations. This dance INSTALLATION is set up as an interactive light’s cage. It relies on the neo darwinian theory of Richard Dawkins, who raised the issue of the body as “survival machine” that is elaborated and blind programmed in order to preserve identically “selfish gene” from generation to generation. Once the reproduction of this gene have been done, the body itself becomes useless, a “disposable soma”.


A#2 is an interactive cage of light. Visitors are invited to manipulate flash light and by doing so, they discover a 3D life size body which reacts to the light. They escape from it or play with it using gesture and voices which seems to come from animal’s origin.
Visitors are enlightening “the subject” understood in a sense of a person. They reveal a body, a morphology which reacts to the light as guided by the observation of animal’s species. Sometime the reaction seems to belong to humankind reactions… but what characterizes typical human being behaviours?
This question leads to read the danced movements on a second level. They reflect the idea of language, and more specifically the language evolution described by the neuroscientist Rizzolatti, who discovered the mirror neurone and expressed this thought: “If not animal calls, what could be the origin of human speech? An alternative hypothesis is that the path LEADING to speech started with gestural communication (for a modern version of this idea see Armstrong 1995; Corballis 2002). According to this theory, the initial communicative system in primate precursors of modern humans was based on simple, elementary gesturing. Sounds were then associated with the gestures and became progressively the dominant way of communication.” The movements of the virtual performers in A#2-FLUX are also inspired by the gestural theory of speech origin.
Finally, to influence a live size body closed in a cage will be not without impact on the gesture of the visitors. The art work tends to compel visitors to engage emotionally, in front of a space wanted closed and sterile, in order to replicate and conserve living species, i.e. human being in this case. In return, visitor’s interaction with the art work brings meaning to this space and to the movement of the virtual body which they are interacting with.

ARTISTIC TEAM of the pilote (2014)

Concept and realization : Gwendaline Bachini, new media choreographer Performers : Gilles Polet, Christophe Delchaux Music : Isabelle Duthoit SOFTWARE Design: Sylvain Delbart (pilote) (to be CONTINUED…)
Production : La C.R.I & Eclectic Experience Parteners : GRAME, national center of music creation; ( to be CONTINUED…)

COMPUTER R&D project CREAMOVE (2012-2015)
Capture 4D : 4D View Solutions (Grenoble) company. Conception of the 4d data and the 68-camera 3D Video capture system to do it.
Interaction/ 4D engine: SIP Conseil (Meylan) : a company that develops interactive INSTALLATION for events and museography.
Computer Vision/ 4D integration : INRIA Rhône-Alpes, Morpheo team (Montbonnot) : capture and analysis of moving shapes with camera’s system.
The project is supported by Eclectic experience (Marseille), which contributes to the coordination of Creamove and coproduction of the art work ANIMO.
Financial subsidies: Industry Ministery, Rhône-Alpes Region; Isère Department, Grenoble city… more info about creamove

ANIMO ( A#1trailer 2014 et A#2maquette 2015) from gwendaline bachini on Vimeo.