ANIMO #1 - CUM interactive dance triptyque

A project bringing together digital technologies and dance.
When the visitor touches one of the three tactile screens, they will meet a life-sized dancer. the dancer will hen follow the indications given by the visitors touch, with movements drawn from the animal origin of man. Thus the visitor engages in a dialogue of gestures that re-composes a choreography, a rhythm and a musical score.

Animo#1 interactive dance triptych / 2014 from gwendaline bachini on Vimeo.

ANIMO#1 – CUM (2013-2014)
is the first interactive installation of the cycle of creations ANIMO which mixe dance, digital art and technological research.

This dance installation is set up as an interactive triptych. Three touch screens human size deal with the Animo’s topic guided by the book The Expression of the emotion in Man and Animals by Darwin. The choreography is inspired by acquired animals habits that are passed down from generation to generation even though they are useless.

The three digital screen represent three life size dancers that visitors are invited to animate individually or in groups. Touching the screen, visitors pilot the movement of the virtual body’s performers and by doing so, they give life to them. A gestural dialogue between visitors and performers is established : « your touch is bringing out in us our animal’s origin! Are we existing only because of you and your tribe who manipulate us? Are we all intended to become objects?”

Each touch of the visitor and danced movement by the performers are associated to sounds. Together they also re-compose a music.

Through its interactive form, A#1- cum explores the relationship between dance and music with the audience. It experiments another time and space for dance, different from a performance on stage. Displayed on three screen, it suggests the traces of an animality, a choreography and a music to recompose relentlessly.

Direction : Gwendaline Bachini;
Performance: Christian Bakalov, Gilles Polet, Ivana Jozic and Gwendaline Bachini;
Voice and clarinette : Isabelle Duthoit ;
design logiciel : Sylvain Delbart ; sound design : Luccio Stiz ;
Chief operateur : Sylvain Brillant Coordinator : Yan Héreng

Production : La C.R.I & Eclectic Experience Parteners : GRAME, national center of music creation ; Le FRESNOY, national studio of contemporary Art ; FABRICA 126 (Bulgaria) ; CDC Le Pacifique

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