SHOCK (2009) is a dance work conceived by David Zambrano, with a collaboration of an international cast of 12 dancers.

Though specific movements and the relations in between the dancers questions are raised: can we make our dance immortal, or eternal, as we pass through life and beyond?
Can we dance until we are ready to die and even beyond death?
Themes of extreme transformation between states and energies carry through the line of: life and death, thermal and kinetic energy, potential energy transformed in free fall, electric shocks, and the impredictible with cartoon characters illustrate these states.
The definition of chemical reactions, our memory of electric shocks , and images of the immortality of cartoon characters inspire shock.

SHOCK was created in Brussels and Amsterdam in 2009

Concept and Direction: David Zambrano
Choreography: David Zambrano in collaboration with the performers.


Nicholas Aphane
Marcus Baldemar
Stanislav Dobak
Edivaldo Ernesto
Steven Michel
Piergiorgio Milano
Elian Mrak
Horation Macuacua
Young Cool Park
Gilles Polet
Andy Zondag
David Zambrano

Requiems of Mozart and Verdi, and Elvis Presley
Lights: Ellen Knops
Costumes: Mat Voorter

photo's by Emilie Delugeau